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518 crazy working hours over three month troughout the winter and spring season in 2018!

With the help of our good friends Albert, Daniel and Bernard, it was made possible to achieve the big number of goals we had to improve the comfort on our great expedition boat – ATLAS!

By the end of our third season sailing in Norway, we made our way to Saint-Malo and the Rance river estuary to lift the boat on hard ground in a very nice shipyard: Chantier Naval du Grand Val.

You will find the list of great professionnals we worked with on the different projects at the bottom of this post. Check them out, they all are fantastic people that we can only recommend!

Our experience of the boat had grown enough to authorise us to make some big changes in the layout. We’ve waited a bit before getting to that point, following the advice of several experienced boat people: Things have sometime purposes that you wouldn’t expect at first sight. Try it, make the experience of it, try to figure why it’s like this or like that, then only make your own decisions on weather it’s wise to make changes or not!

And yes, it was a good idea to wait! It’s always a good idea to wait!

So, now we come up with these few plans and wishes:
-kick out the Refleks diesel heater from the saloon and replace it with a Eberspacher D8 hydronic heater placed away from the living quarters, in the stern
-make the saloon bed bigger
-build a beautifull saloon table with nice drawers
-add a second, 200 liters, stainless steel water tank
-install a pressured water system with nice big filters
-set up awater boiler to heat domestic water with 230V, the engine or the heating system
-wire flexible solar pannels for some more electrical autonomy

And for sure there is a lot more that came on the way during the making of our plans, so we also:
-built a wooden pannel on the port side bed to create nice hatches
-had new mattresses made for the beds as well as new cushions for the pilothouse
-installed a very usefull, pressured, deck shower with warm water
-removed the very annoying belt wheel of the propeller alternator, and removed the alternator as well… (As it was never used beacause of unconvenientcy (is that an english word) and the wheel was preventing us from servicing the shaft bearings… it’s been replaced by solar!)
-serviced the propeller shaft bearings
-refitted the stern hatch with new bilge paint (Epifanes was great here) and wood flooring
-… there was for sure more, I’ll try to remember what, and add it here!

Here is a little video, showing only some of those jobs, but giving a little sense of the atmosphere!

In 2018 we found the perfect place to give Atlas a wide range of crazy improvements!

Check all the professionnals that helped us achieving this 2018 workshop!

You can get to any of them through the shipyard: Chantier Naval du Grand Val!

Roland Fanien – Energie Nautique: certainly the best diesel engine mechanic in the area!

Brian Carthy – WAVINOX: he built the stainless steel tank on a very high level of precision and finish!

Benjamin Delahaie – CNGRANVAL: top of the line woodwork, he made the Okoume profiles and the plateau for the saloon table!

Meryl Fanien – CNGRANDVAL: she is the administrator of the shipyard, always a great help and a big smile!

Claire Ozenn – CNGRANDVAL: she made the mattresses and cushions perfectly on mesure and with great materials!

Joël Ruault – ELECMECAMARINE: he supplied the Eberspacher D8, the water boiler and all the needed spares for the installation!