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In 2019 we were proud to share the experience of sailing ATLAS with 12 different crew members over a total distance of 1800 nautical miles.

Most of the crew members were those who took an active part in improving this amazing boat in the shipyards of the Netherlands, Saint-Malo in France and Seixal in Portugal! Thanks to them for all the magic voluntary work done!

The first part of the season took place in the South of Lisbon, Portugal. Passing Cabo Espichel, we explored the beautifull scenery of cliffs along the Arrabida National Park.
This was a great opportunity to set the boat ready for a big crossing, ajusting the rigging and testing all systems!

When a good weather window comes, you want to catch it right, and we were lucky enough to see it coming just one day after the crossing crew arrived. North winds, the « portugues trade winds » had settled for a week and we made it for the Azores!

The first three days (72h) of crossing were an amazing constant 6.5 knots average speed with 22-30 knots of wind and comfortable 2-4 meters organised swell. Then the winds started to be a bit less consistent in speed and direction, as we approached the Azores high pressure system.

The captain planned 6 days for the 720 nautical miles crossing. It was done in exactly 5 days from Cascais to Vila do Porto on Santa-Maria island, with very little motoring time!

ATLAS anchored near an amazing marine cave – Photo: Arnaud Conne – Azores 2019

We arrived in the Azores on 5th of July and sailed around the islands of Santa-Maria, Sao-Miguel, Pico, Faial, Sao-Jorge and Terceira for a period of six month, covering over a thousand nautical miles of sea throughout the region!

ATLAS crossing from Santa-Maria to Terceira – Photo: Arnaud Conne – Azores 2019